Friday, July 2, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #6

The children did a picture search activity to practice visual discrimination and spatial awareness.

Following direction from teacher to drive his car to the destination...

They also explored Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham and did a craft activity with an egg and ham cut out that the children pasted onto a paper plate. The children did a sequencing activity using picture cards from the story and to top if all off, made real green eggs and ham! It's essentially a green tinted ham and cheese omelet, but it turned out to be scrambled as the children mashed it up on the skillet as they attempted to mix the ingredients together. Nicholas loves it so much he asked if I can make that for his breakfast. I thought he had heard wrongly..."green eggs??" Only when I received the teacher's email did I realised he was right.

Unfortunately, the teacher is unable to send the photos to me as she had accidentally did an overwrite of the photo files when she transferred new data into the photos folder!

And I'm proud of his Chinese character recognition achievement too! Think he is so much better than the 2 girls when they were this age. Hope he can continue this zest for Mandarin.

Some of the Chinese character that he can read are:
狗 猫 牛 羊 猪 弟 妹 哥 姐 爸 妈 的 车 眼睛 鼻 口 头 手 脚 耳朵


Wonderful Life said...

Well done nicholas!!

Really love the activities done by his school... how i wish the schools here have such interesting and educational activities/programs.

Angeline said...

Clever boy!
I think his chinese characters recognition is better that keatkeat liao.
blame it on me lah.....

mommy to chumsy said...

good job Nicholas. I only know how to read a few of the Chinese words you posted :( I so love his school :)


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