Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Take Home Kit - by trainee teacher

Nicholas brought home a folder with a sticker that said "Take-Home Kit" on it. In there was a letter from the trainee teacher explaining that this is her project for the attachment in this school. It also had a instruction sheet on what to do.

Its supposed to be mommy and child play but I rope in Charmaine to play with him while I be the narrator. I will tell a story revolving the train captain and the kids are supposed to listen carefully for the number of passengers alighting/ boarding the train at each station. After 5 stations, we are to see if the kid got the correct the number of passengers left on each train.

The first attempt was a failure as he was so engrossed in the figurine and the train that I have trouble getting his full attention. But the 2nd attempt is good. he can focus and listen to the number and the instruction "alighted/ boarded". We went on to play a few more times with some changes made to the numbers.

Think its a very good idea and effort from the trainee teacher. A very good play and learn project.

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Baby Darren said...

A very interesting game. Good that the boy has a sister to play with him.


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