Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ryan @ 15 months old

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My little rascal turned 15 months old! From a little bean in my tummy to a tiny little baby to now, a cute terror! Look at the shots, he is not camera shy at all! In fact, he is so excited to be photograph and after every shot, he will ask me to show him the photograph taken.

He now weighs 10.09kgs and has a height of 78cm. This put him on the 50th percentile for everything. Basically, both the Paediatrician and I are happy with his development EXCEPT on his language development department. Yes, he is still not talking, not even the most basic word "mum mum" (eat), "bao bao" (Carry). His Paediatrician suggested for him to go for a hearing test if he is still not talking by 18 months. I was surprised as he had already passed his hearing screening when he was a newborn, so why hearing test again? He definitely can hear, I have no doubt in that as he can follow simple instructions and also able to point to the correct body parts (ear, eyes, nose, mouth and head). Shouldn't he sees a speech therapist if he is not "talking"? Anyway, I told the Paediatrician that Charmaine didn't utter her first word till she turned 18 months, so she said she will give him till 2 years old before sending him for the test.

His steps are more stable now and his teeth are out, 6 at a go! 4 on top and 2 at the bottom. Oh, I was complaining that he doesn't want to kiss me anymore last month, hee.. he started giving me his sweet kisses again! Sweet!!

He will "hug" me and kiss me with his open mouth....a wet kisser!

He is on formula milk and porridge during the day and breast milk for the night feeds.

He loves playing with Nicholas and their transportation toys, a typical boy. He will follow Nicholas around and pushing the cars/trains and making the "roaring" sound.

Even at this young age, he had expressed his interest for piano. He will stop whatever he is doing and listen to Rachel playing her exam piece. He is so sensitive to piano that even when Rachel is playing her piano very softly (even I didn't realised Rachel was playing), he can still sense it and it can get him dancing (moving his hands and body).

When in the car, he would always call us "er er" and point to the TV screen asking us to play his cartoon for him. If we played others, like Word World, he will be unhappy and kept making noises till we played him his favorite Thomas & Friends and he will start moving his hands whenever the theme song is playing. Really very cute!


BoeyJoey said...

Happy 15th month old, Ryan! Mummy must be over the moon with all the kisses Ryan is giving her :-D.

Blessed mum said...

you bet! I'm definitely over the moon!!!

Angeline said...

I love the top right photo best.
Wet kisser?
Binbin too! *laugh*


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