Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #7

They started a new topic in class- Transportation.

After a week of "teaching", the children were able to classify them into three categories namely land, sea and air transportation.
Then, they went on to extend their learning by introducing other categories of transport such as emergency rescue vehicles, construction equipment, human powered vehicles, public transportation, etc.

The children were also asked to draw the mode of transport that they use to commute to school, their imagination took over and we had drawings of buses with ten wheels, flying horses and a plethora of cars in a multitude of colors!

To wrap up the week, they had a special messy art activity which they dipped the wheels of the skate-scooter in some paint and the children rode it down the length of three large sheets of paper. We had a blast making wheel tracks amidst a few slip-ups here and there! The children had so much fun and their beautiful piece of artwork is now proudly displayed on the walls leading up to their classroom.

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