Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HK - Disneyland Day 2

We had brunch (cos we ate till 11am) with the Disney's characters this morning. I could feel that the excitement from the kids was not as great as our last trip. Probably because the girls were too old for such stuffs and the boys were not very interested in them. It would be different if they were having breakfast with Chugginton/ Thomas & Friends.

Ryan was still a little nervous when the characters came near him.

Enjoying his breakfast of cornflakes and waffles.

Nicholas more at ease with the characters.

The first ride we took was the Jungle River Cruise. It was one of the rides the girls enjoyed during our last trip there.

The girls still enjoyed it but the 2 boys were frightened by all the effects! Ryan was cringing on tightly to me most of the time while Nicholas showed a worried face. Towards the end when the fire shot out, its was too much for him to take and he cried!

After soothing him, we went for some less "scary" rides which the 2 boys enjoyed.

The 4D show was another of the girls favourite. As we were queueing, Nicholas wants reassurance from me that its not scary and not a roller coaster.

Nicholas sat through and enjoyed it but Ryan was frightened by the 3D images and so daddy had to bring him out.

We went for more kiddos ride before Ryan was due to take his nap. The 2 girls went on to take on more rides while the 3 boys nap.

More kiddos ride after the nap..

Buzzlightyear~ ! Nicholas couldn't contained his excitement when he spotted him!

The kids enjoyed the slow ride at the Small World

and the Golden Mickey. After which, we watched the firework displays before heading back to hotel for dinner. Ryan was too tired and fell asleep mid way through dinner.

While Ryan slept, the 3 older ones quickly washed up and went down for story telling. Ryan woke up when they came back and they decided to "doll" him up.


Angeline said...

What an experience! Especially the eating with the characters. Your kids are so lucky to visit it twice. *smile*
The photo I love best is Daddy and Nicholas dozing off...

prince n princess mum said...

Lovely experience!~


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