Saturday, November 6, 2010

HK Stanley Market & The Peak - Day 5

Still light drizzle today. Called Ocean Park but was told that most rides were still close due to the weather. So we decided to visit Stanley Market today. But not before a BIG Hearty tim sum from the hotel next door. We ordered too much and had to packet the rest as snack later.

Got to Stanley Market. Very very light drizzling but was windy. Notice Ryan is missing from the picture? He fell asleep during our journey there and thus was sleeping in the pram.

The girls looking at key chains and cutie stuffs.

The 3 kids got a T-shirt each as souvenir.

A nice weather to stroll around and snooze...see little Ryan was still sleeping.

Like these few pictures of the 3 kids. Its really nice to see them together WITHOUT squabbling.

We checked out the Maritime Museum.....

...and checked out the Stanley "Ma Hang" park.

After all the walking and exhausted all the (packet) snack (tim sum), we shared a small lunch at one of the coffee shop. The girls had sandwich while hubby shared a bowl of "maggie" mee with the boys. I had none as I was still very full.

More exploring after lunch before taking a cab to Garden Road to take the tram up to the Peak. The 2 boys was specially excited during the short ride up.

Took lots of photos up the Peak viewing gallery. See how happy they were..Ryan giving a cheeky smile at the camera. Oh, while we were up there, Ryan was one of the attraction as well! See, I let him explore around on his own and many tourist started smiling at him and some even took pictures of him!

We stayed up there for almost half an hour. Had the professional to take a picture for us before getting down to have a nice hot meal.

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