Thursday, November 4, 2010

HK Disneyland - Day 3

We woke up late today, packed our stuffs and check out. After breakfast, we took a nice stroll around the hotel before taking the shutter bus to Disneyland.

Not many people today and we managed to get a good photo. Since we had tried on most of the rides yesterday, today itinerary is basically revisit those rides the kids like and photo taking.

We had only shopped in the shops for a while before daddy declared its lunch time.

After lunch, we took the "bus" ride round town. A things the 2 boys enjoyed.

It started to drizzle a little as we got down from the "bus". Dashed to nearby stall for cover and the boys saw this sword and kept pestering the daddy for it.

Its one of those "flash" rain which come suddenly and stop fast. We didn't have to wait long and once it stop, we rushed off to rides. We also managed to take pictures with the all the characters available.

There's not many people in the queue and thus, Pluto had more time entertaining his "customers". When it was our turn, Pluto teased Nicholas and played sword "fighting" with him, to everyone amusement!

Before we bade Disneyland good-bye, the kids decided to go up the Tarzan Treehouse, something we forgot to try yesterday.

Went back to hotel to collect our luggages and took a cab to our next hotel...Nathan Hotel. Everyone was starving and so we went down for dinner right after we dropped our luggage! We had a nice seafood meal.

After our delicious dinner, we walked around and spotted this shop selling ice-shaving. I had always wanted to try it in Singapore but never quite get to do it. The chocolate flavour is delicious but the sesame flavour is not so popular with the kids.

Shopped around some more before heading back to our nice hotel suite!

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Angeline said...

If ever we go HK Disneyland, can ask you for advice? *wink*


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