Friday, November 5, 2010

HK - Free & Easy Day 4

Our initial plan for the day was to visit Ocean Park but a look out of the window and know its not possible. So we switch our shopping day to today.

Once everyone was ready, we took a walk around for all the small bites. Charmaine trying the curry fish balls for the first time and she loves it! Rachel finds it a little spicy and didn't want any after the first bite.

The sky had cleared a little and hubby decided to give Ocean Park a try. But when we got there, though it was only drizzling, most rides were stop and thus, we decided to head back to Kowloon for more shopping. We had a simple but filling lunch after the kids' shopping spree. Why I said kid's?? Because EVERYTHING that we bought was theirs!

When we got back to the hotel, our room was not ready yet, so hanged around at the lobby. For the FIRST Time since Ryan came into this world, daddy carries him and fed him milk! A great bonding time!

Room ready and the kids couldn't wait to play UNO

Daddy joined in too later..

That's what they got for themselves in our 2 hours shopping earlier.

We took a nice afternoon nap and waking up in time for dinner. With 4 kids in toll, we took a brave move to take their MTR to Ladies' Market for dinner and shop.

More small bites for all before dinner.

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