Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hong Kong - Hollywood Hotel - Day 1

No missing of flights this time. *phew*

No helper tagging along too...just us and the kids! "A very brave move" said my MIL. I think its no big deal as many others were doing just the same.

Anyway, we had our brunch at the HK airport before taking a cab to Hollywood hotel, where we will be staying for the next 2 nights. The girls were happy to be away from "work" and the boys were excited to be greeted by the cartoon characters. Oh, I brief Nicholas about the cartoon characters while we were on the plane so that he will not be frightened when he met them.

Its a free & easy day today. No programme were planned as we want to go slow. The kids wanted to check out the pool and so, got changed once we unpacked and went right down. We were greeted by Chip & Dale!

The water was freezing cold and only the 2 girls enjoyed themselves. Nicholas as usual was too frightened to go on the slide and wanted me to slide with him which is against the rule. So in the end, the 2 boys just sat by the shallow part of the pool and splash around.

Less than half and hour, the icy water is too much for them to take it and we head back to have a nice hot bath in the tub. Everyone took a short nap before going down for dinner. There, we met Goofy! Ryan was a little frightened by the size though.

After a quick dinner, the kids went to Malibu Toy Shop. The girls did some craft work while the 2 boys explore around and played with the toys.

In between their play, Goofy came and join them! My kids were the only children there and thus had all the attention!

Chip and Dale came in shortly. Ryan was initially afraid but soon warmed up to them.

See, he even offers Chip/Dale a cup of tea!

They hanged around for almost an hour before I had to usher the kids back to the rooms to wash up and changed into their pyjamas. Then, daddy took the kids down for story-telling while I relax.


Angeline said...

Your girls are so strong. My boys would start to sneeze and probably be sick right after an icy cold swim.

lilsmurfy said...


me thinking of a trip in may. may i ask why u choose hollywoood hotel instead of the other hotel? do they have fireworks every nite (if so, it is better to visit on wkdays right, less crowd?), which other hotels or places should i bring my 4yrs old and 22mths old then? it would be their first overseas visit beside malaysia :x. me not planning a 8 days trip. cannot make it for so long w/o maid hahahaa and budget constraint. any kind advises appreciated :)

lilsmurfy said...

ops, tot nicer to leave my email.: meilingb@singnet.com.sg instead of jamming your message box


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