Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ryan @ 19mths

Ryan @ 19 months

The new "words" he is able to say is:

Boo for book. He used the word "Boo" also when he is playing peek-a-boo. He will go hide in a corner and when we got near, he will stuck his head out and says "boo". He doesn't shout though.

YEAH - when he is excited and he will raise his both hands high up. Think he learnt this from the Monkey Preschool's monkey.

His achievement:

he knows how to turn on my iphone and find his games! How advanced are kids today! He's only 19 months!!! *faint* Now the first thing he does when he opens his eye in the morning is to look for my phone! And every time he sees my phone, he will ask for it!! gosh...addiction at this age!

His 2 favorite games are Thomas the tank engines and Monkey Preschool lunchbox. He is able to do 8 cards matching (not by chance but really remember where the fruits was) and 4 piece puzzles on his own now.

His Behaviour

His temper is really very terrible. He throws tantrum at every thing that doesn't go his way and his tantrum is not just crying but throwing himself onto the floor. If we were very near him, he will throw himself backward (slowly just in case we couldn't catch him - cunning, right?), otherwise, he will throw forward and lie on the floor crying.

And when Nicholas comes near me when I was reading storybook to Ryan, Ryan will actually push his brother away which of course, I'll have to remind him that its not right and make him apologise to Nicholas by stroking (sayang) and hugging Nicholas.

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