Sunday, November 7, 2010

HK Ocean Park - Day 6

Finally we woke up to nice sunny weather! Thank God for the perfect weather! Its our last day here in Hongkong and Ocean Park is our last stop.

We start off with the kiddy rides together...

We watched the sea lion show and had burgers for lunch.

Then we split into 2 groups with Daddy taking the girls to take the thrill rides and me, taking the 2 boys to more kiddy's games and rides. Our first stop is the Aquarium. Both boys were excited to see all the big fish and sharks swimming around them.

They were equally fascinated by the jellyfish display.

We took cable car down to where most of the kiddy stuffs are. I had thought they might be afraid of the height but to my surprise, both enjoyed the ride so much!

We played many kiddy games and rides. While Ryan naps, Nicholas enjoyed himself to a few games of the "speedboat".

We really thank God for the amazing weather for us to have a wonderful day in Ocean Park.

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