Monday, November 8, 2010

HK Macau - Day 7

Time flies by real fast and we were on our way to our last leg of the tour...Macau. I was told by my MIL that we should go since we were in HongKong and said there is a BIG gun shooting range there. So I persuaded hubby to go (he was reluctant) for the kids.

We checked out of the hotel, have a nice breakfast at the nearby "cha can ting" (coffee shop) for wanton noodle and other stuffs. then we took a cab to the pier where we were to take the cruise ride to Macau.

Waiting to board the cruise...

The ride there was very smooth and the kids were excited to be on one, especially the boys.

By the time we reached our hotel and settled down, its almost 5pm!! So practically a whole day wasted! Our rooms is on the top floor and the view is "so-so"...

We took a cab down to Fisherman's Wharf, a place strongly recommended by MIL. The first thing we did was to find the "Gun shooting" place which my MIL had so strongly recommended but try as we might, the only shooting games available is the Amusement Arcade! Maybe we were too late thus the place looks rather deserted. And we can't find any attractions mentioned in the website. So disappointed...

Since we can't find the "shooting range" nor any attraction, we took the opportunity to see the "Roman buildings" (if I'm not wrong)..

We had a expensive and yet not very delicious dinner there before heading back to our hotel.

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