Monday, April 28, 2008

Trial Lesson - Day 1

Finally found a Pre-School near my place for him. Went down on Saturday to speak to the "boss" as she said she couldn't brief me during the weekday as she will be busy with the kids. She spent a good half an hour with me, impressing me with her concept. What I really like about it is that it's Montessori base and thus my Little Nic can have do a lot of gross motor skill learning. So I agreed to put in on a few days trial to see if Little Nic is "suitable".

So today, Daddy came along to drop us off at the centre and his first questions to me was "Why so small?" Told him it's a rather new set-up so the numbers is still growing. But I can already sense his resistance to the school.

After he left, Little Nic went around to explore the centre while waiting for the rest of the children to arrive. He was very curious and was looking, poking at everything.

Even can play "Peek-A-Poo" with me

When the school bus children arrive, after they routine HFMD check up, the little ones proceeds to the dining room for their breakfast. This is the first time Little Nic ate with so many jiejies and korkors. Surprisingly, he is not afraid and went right to a empty seat and sat down. Guessed that's the magic of food. This is also the first time he tasted MILO and he loves it!

Just as I thought he will be doing fine without me, he started looking at me and said "mommie, dump (come)" *sigh* think he senses that I'm about to walk out of the place...(actually I'm just walking around looking at the, mommy won't leave you alone on your first can I bear to do that to you...)
See how he enjoys the food and Milo

After breakfast, they proceed to the Montessori classroom where the children learn their hands on activities. As for Little Nic, since it's his first day in the centre, the teacher doesn't want to force him to sit down and do it but rather allow him to walk around and watched how the rest of the children play with the "toys". The whole class was total silent throughout and even the teachers whisper when they talked to the little one (1 to 1). I'm a little surprise at this as from my past experience, childcare shouldn't it be lively and "noisy"?

Observing the korkor
Want to try it too

Anyway, my boy did try some of the "toys" but soon finds it boring and started coming to me more often and clinging on, wanting me to carry him. Guessed the environment is too quiet that it makes him feel sleepy (actually mommy feel sleepy too). So mommy decides to call it a day.

At night, after discussing it with daddy, we decided that this centre is not really suitable for my active little boy. So, I'm back to square one again...


LZmommy said...

Oh no.... You have to start your seach again...

I remembered when I used to search for school for my kids, I noticed Montesorri schools are pretty quiet.

Baby Darren said...

the preschool environment looked quite impressive - clean and neat (from the photo's background). Is he the youngest there?

Quiet? u said..i thout children should be least should be full of laughter or screams (at least)..

Anyway, since Nic is still quite young, you can slowly look for one that suits him well. No hurry....

Blessed mum said...

Hi lzmommy ya to start the search again.. Really ? Rachel's previous school was very lively and it's Montessori too..but the Principal did say Montessori school is 1 to 1 teaching so it's very quiet.

Hi Baby Darren Yes. Credit to that. The centre is really very neat and clean. And yes again, he was the youngest there.

The kids there don't laugh or screams when they are in the Monetssori classroom. Think they only "relax" when they go for outdoor play which I didn't get to see...It's like in a library.

Angeline said...

you just did the most important screening criteria...that's is, if Mommy isn't impress there's no way the child would be!

Great work! though you've got to start from scratch again...but its better than to just throw him in any place and later have lots of headaches, even a box of panadols will not help....

Angeline said...

Oooops forgot to say: "Happy Mother's Day!!!"

Blessed mum said...

Hi angeline
Yes..mommy must feel comfortable 1st..think mommy more experience now and knows what to expect from the preschool...; P


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