Saturday, April 19, 2008


Recently my boy begin to show his dislikes... When I gave him papaya (Only thing that he doesn't eat) he will shake his head and point his little finger at my mouth indicating that he doesn't want but mommy to eat.

He also starts to be selective in who can and cannot carries him...and surprisingly, everyone in our household, including all the uncles and grandparents are welcome except DADDY! Whenever daddy tries to carry him, he will laugh and run away as fast as his little short legs could. If he can't out-run his daddy, which happens most of the time, he will starts to cry and struggle when daddy carries him. Daddy doesn't seems to mind and keep playing this "game" with him...think if this happens to me, I'll be very sad...

Once daddy touches him, crying starts

See how he tried to wriggle off daddy's grip

Tears flow within seconds

See how pitiful he cries when daddy carry him

Totally unconsoleable even after letting him go


Ping said...

Hello Blessed mummy,

Thanks for drop by comment at my blog. Mind to intro? Your name? So i can link it to my blog ;p I also new in blogging.

Well you son also selective on people who carry girl also don't like daddy carry her. Once he carry her she will shout and cry so pity keep calling 'mama ! mama' so pity. I also don't know she dislike my husband to carry her. If he play with her she ok but once she my husband want to carry then she will avoid T___T

Blessed mum said...

Thanks for coming over...You can just put it as blessed mum or Baby Nicholas. I will link yours to mine too.

Think our babies are exactly the same! My boy is ok too if daddy play with him but he wails once daddy carries him! : )

LZmommy said...

When you mention it to me, I thought it shouldn't be that bad. Now I BELIEVE you :)

Angeline said...

These photos are hard to look at. My heartaches so much! I wished I could hug him.

miche said...

poor boy. does his daddy bullies him often? mine does and he also refuses daddy to carry him but he wont cry until so pity like that.

Blessed mum said...

Hi lzmommy
think my boy is a little over-doing it ; P

Hi Angeline
Same here..when he cries this way, heart is crying too...

Hi miche
No, daddy doesn't bully him at all but think daddy got no luck with nephews and my 2 elder girls too very scared of him when they were younger but this boy seems extreme...


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