Monday, April 21, 2008

TV Time

Decided to stay home today and spent time with my little prince. We did some reading..okay, not exactly reading but rather flipping through the pages as he still refused to sit there for me to finish reading 1 page to him.

After he was satisfied with looking at the pics in the books, we moved on to some flash card with animal's pic on it. To get his attention and help him remember better, I decided to add in some action or sound in relation to the pic. After we are done with 5 cards (I want to see if he knows before we move on), I try to "test" him to see if he can remember. To my surprise, he can point at the correct pic and do the action too for some!

Kids at this age is really like a sponge, absorbing everything silently...hmm...mummy better beware of what I do or say now...

I left him to play with his toys after that and guess what? Instead of playing, he went over to our TV, switch it on (pressing the button), then pointed the controller at the TV as if to change the channel!! Of course, the channel did not switched to the one he wanted, so he brought the TV controller to me and said "On"! "Tat Toon!" (cartoon).Then he walked over to the sofa and sat right there waiting for me to switch to the disney channel. He then said to me "come" and patted the seat next to him! This is the first time I see him does it and mummy was so...impressed?? I really don't know how to describe the feeling....I went over, give me a BEAR Hug and BIG kiss!

My maid told he favourite program is "HI-5" and sometimes, he will even danced with the music! I try to capture his "dance" but whenever he sees the camera, he stopped. > (

See how engross he is...


giddy tigress said...

Boy, he learns fast! Such a clever little boy...
And oh yes, of course you are welcome to add my blog to your blogroll! :)

Baby Darren said...

oh...finally darren got a companion to share his favourites with. Not many children that I know like Hi-5. Darren is Hi-5 die hard fan. He watches the Hi-5 VCD FEW HOURS a day and now I got to control him.

Maybe we should bring the two kids together and see how they dance together....must be cute.

BTW, Nic can talk quite well huh? Smart boy.

quEeNie said...

wah, Nicholas so clever boy, mummy mus b very happy

Angeline said...

Yo!!! I think this Hi-5 group really have some magic. First the songs are infectious, I am still singing after weeks! Anyway, I, me, big girl at 30 years old is also a fan of Hi-5, together with my 2 boys of cos. *laugh* I'm a big kid you know!

Ping said...

At least got one TV show able to capture her attention. At this stage all children really learn fast once u teach him or her she will remember at their mind. It's so amazing. But my girl she will stop a while i read to her the book and then don't know where she go grab thing at room @_@ so tiring.

Blessed mum said...

Hi giddy tigress, Queenie

Hi Baby Darren
That's a good idea! they def make us laugh till our tummy ache : ) He can talk a little though some words are not very clear..

Hi Angeline
Me too! Sometimes, I danced together with him : P

Hi Ping
Think like Angeline said it, this Hi-5 got something magical :)


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