Thursday, April 10, 2008

Conquering New Height

Remember his daring moves to climb into his walker? I had kept his walker to prevent any unfortunate accident. Today, I'm shocked to find him conquering something else!!

Watch how he climb up the chair effortlessly!!

See, mummy, I'm up in less than a minute!

Now, we have to keep a constant eye on him otherwise he will dash for the chairs! Can't possibly keep my dining chair, can I?

Guess boys are boys...always finding new challenge...


LZmommy said...

Seems like you update his blog more frequent than jiejies' blog :)

He behaves very differently when I saw him :) I always thought he is the quiet type.

Don't worry, you have so many pairs of eyes to look out for him. Especially jiejies right? :)

zara's mama said...

Same here.. Zaria likes to climb high up too.. :(

Angeline said...

Its monkey time for him and slimming down time for mommy!

With all the chasing around, up and down, there time to rest for mommy dearest now....

(sorry Blessed Mom, disaster happened to my blog post Happy Birthday Weidong! It was deleted by accident, and so was your comment....I'll have it up again...asap. The damn part is, I haven't even get to read your comment...) sigh... so sorry!

Anonymous said...

haiz....yeah, boys are boys! THEY CLIMB! And boy, do they climb high or what!!

the more i say NO, the more mine wants to climb and shows me NO means NOTHING!!

Baby Darren said...

hahaha....some kids are very good in climbing. So you got to really monitor him. Darren was in the climbing mode few months back. It's not easy to take care of a little climber but i guess it is just a phase.

miche said...

boys will be boys, it is for sure. i thought my son to climb the ladder and the house gate some more! =P

Blessed mum said...

Thanks for popping over even when u r so busy..: )

Zara's mama
Thanks for popping over.
Really?! have the impression that she is the gentle girlie types.

U r right! it's a good exercise for mummy to keep fit! No worries abt the deleted blog/comments.

KM, Baby Darren
true..the more i said no, the faster he goes on it! hope this phase will pass real soon or mummy "puntured"!

Climb ladder and house gate!! mine! i can't bring myself to even think of that!


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