Saturday, April 12, 2008

He Is Jealous

My boy has really grown...

Scenario 1 : I noticed that whenever his 2 sisters hugged me or sat next to me, he will come over and pushed them away and then, dominantly sat on my lap. (I actually love the feelings.. :P)

Scenario 2 : Sometimes when I was feeding him some food (his favourite hobby), and his sister came over and wants to have some, he would "kick" a fuss and pushed his sister away. And if he fail, which is normally the case as the sister purposefully disturbed him, he would use his powerful weapon - CRY!!!

Scenario 3 : When he saw me changed out of my home-clothes, he would dash for me and wants me to carry him. Reason : - He wants to follow me out. And when my maid tries to carry him over, he would cling on tightly. And if that fails, he would try to cry in a pitiful manner and struggle out of my maid's hand. It couldn't be separation anxiety as he is also attached to my maid...guess he just wants to get the such young age and he likes to go out, wonder will I be able to see him at home when he grows up : { Better enjoy his company now...

Don't know how other parents feel about it, however, I kinda find these events interesting and cute and sometimes we kind of do it in purpose to see his reaction...very bad hor...


miche said...

scenario 1 - check
scenario 2 - check
scenario 3 - check

it is a wonderful feeling to know that we are wanted, needed and loved. ;)

Angeline said...

yes, yes, so true, this age, nothing is more important that getting Mommy Dearest's attention.

But got to watch out hor, it may (over the years) developed into a uncontrollable sense of dislike for his sisters...

that's what's happening to my bro-in-law 3 kids.

Blessed mum said...

Hi Miche
YES! YES! It's a wonderful feeling only mommies understand!!

Hi Angeline
Really??! Then I better stop "irritating" him : )
Thanks for sharing.


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