Thursday, April 3, 2008

Salmon Patty

A very easy receipe.

1. 2 fillet of Salmon - steamed and mashed

2. 3 to 4 potatoes - peeled, cut into cubes, boiled and mashed

3. some cheddar cheese (depends on your liking)

4. 2 eggs beaten

Step 1: Put all the above together and mixed well

Step 2: coat it with some bread crumbs and fry (oil covering half the patty)

Step 3: Ready to eat!


miche said...

i love dis recipe. my sis used to make it with mince meat instead. got to try it myself one day.

Angeline said...

Oh my, this looks like a super delicious little snack for my whole family. And for a cook-idiot like me it sure looks easy. (hmmm...or is it you making it sound easy?) *wink*

K said...

looks really yummy! i can keep tis recipe 4 when my kids get older. me n hubby dun fancy salmon. hahah

Sasha said...

looks like its a simple and easy recipe . Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This sure looks yummy!!
I am going to try this one day....

Blessed mum said...

To Miche
Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can try minced meat too.

To Angeline
I'm a cook-idiot too! It's really as easy as 123.

To K
You can always substitute the salmon with others.

To Sasha
You are welcome.

Thanks : )


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