Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Simple Sea Bass

Another simple recipe!

All you need is:

1. A few Sea Bass boneless fillets without skin;

2. shredded ginger

3. a tsp of light soya sauce

4. some Boxthorn (kei chi)

5. 1 tsp of olive oil (or any cooking oil)

Steam it and its all ready to eat in 5 mins! Goes perfectly well with vegetables (I used the water left in the pan after steaming the fish to par boil the veggie to give a little flavour to it.)


Baby Darren said...

I use the same cooking method and ingredients (not the fish) to steam with chicken. I think this is a very healthy and simple dish to serve...delicious too..

Blessed mum said...

Hi Baby Darren

Thanks for the alternative idea, will try it soon.


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